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The Last of the Summer Green

I was planning to make this post for a while and I know there are no excuses.
So here is the last of the summer green, it has been in my head since the end of September.
This year the warm weather kept the leaves nice and green for very long. Usually, about this time there are hardly any left but this year the maples are still gorgeous and colourful and the birches are pretty in their stunning and shimmering pale gold attire even if they look a bit raggedy after the storms over the last few weeks.

I am off for the next 7 days so I will be piling up material for the future blog post!! Yey!!
I can't wait myself!!

So for now the first thing I will do is send you the last of the green that I captured for you last month, the year the autumn stayed longer.

 Thanks for walking Oughterard with me.  See you next time

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