Sunday, November 23, 2014

Knockkillaree on the map

There is a lovely place just out of Oughterard called, Knockkillaree, fantastic word with fabulous spelling. In the beginning, when I just arrived here, it took me ages to remember how to write it.  

I am absolutely fascinated by the Irish names. I love investigating the Surveyors map and reading the local names of villages, rivers, loughs and so on.

Well, I am a map lover, I love to know where I am and I simply enjoy the view of a good detailed map. I am sure that there is someone out there that agrees with me. Reading maps is fun and can be very interesting and informative. I never go anywhere without a good map of the area I am visiting, not the tourist stuff, that has really nothing in it, but the serious, down to business, surveyor's maps with all the details and every little road. For my photo walks I like to go off the beaten paths and to investigate the tiny roads where the tourist don't go. And for that reason I need more information than can be found on a normal tourist map.
For example, if you have the usual map, you won't find Knockkillaree -  a fantastic little corner, just off the N59, on the way to Aughnanure castle. Only a few minutes after the golf course, on the left side, there is a little dirt road that sets off towards the Lough Corrib and The Waterfront House Country home - a fabulous bed and breakfast. I have heard only positive and happy comments from people that have stayed there.

This was my walking ground for a year and I loved it. The scenery is fabulous. You start through the bogs and then you are surrounded by gorgeous pines and the fabulous feeling of peace and the sweet aroma of pine needles. Fantastic combination.

Recently I went back and took a few shots. Those I share with you today.

With my photos I wish to put Knockkillaree on every map. 

image of a road surrounded by pine trees

road surrounded by trees

big old trees, stone wall, road

beautiful old trees

beautiful old trees and a sunburst

big naked trees and a sunburst through the branches

big trees covered in moss

sunset scene by the lake

sunset image

sunset image, dark and bright

sunset image straight against the sun

sunset image

sunset image with water reflections

Thank you for staying here with me 

Friday, November 7, 2014

The Last of the Summer Green

I was planning to make this post for a while and I know there are no excuses.
So here is the last of the summer green, it has been in my head since the end of September.

This year the warm weather kept the leaves nice and green for very long. Usually, about this time there are hardly any left but this year the maples are still gorgeous and colourful and the birches are pretty in their stunning and shimmering pale gold attire even if they look a bit raggedy after the storms over the last few weeks.

I am off for the next 7 days so I will be piling up material for the future blog post!! Yey!!
I can't wait myself!!

So for now the first thing I will do is send you the last of the green that I captured for you last month, the year the autumn stayed longer.

country road, green trees

big tree, green leaves

country road, green trees around big green trees

stone wall, green leaves and trees

road, green ferns and trees

big tree, green leaves

looking up into a big green tree

green leaves, stone wall, summer light

a hint of autumn, green leaves and  bit of colour in them

horse head statue

forest, green

green forest, iron fenceforest, green light and trees

trees, iron fence, green light

tunnel between two walls, green light at the end

 Thanks for walking Oughterard with me.

 See you next time

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