Monday, July 21, 2014

Oughterard in July

I have to admit that this year the weather is rather good compared to the last 5-6 years. 

This very fact, I noticed, certainly attracts far more tourists than usual. This is vital for Connemara since most of the local businesses rely on the summer trade to survive. Hopefully this year will be good for everyone!!!

So I grabbed my camera last week or so and walked around town to take a few snaps.

Here is what I found. Enjoy. Oughterard in July - green, lush and colourful. 

I started out on Cregg Road and admired the green.
green leaves


daisiessign: beware of dog on a fence

green trees and a road

green trees and a road

green forest

I arrived in town at the petrol station and went down the Main road
furniture shop

This window changes decoration regularly. Here you can find how it looked last yearwindow

I love that sign, I think it is so colourful.
shop sign

main street, oughterard

main street, Oughterard

flowers on a window

This is the newly opened cafe and restaurant in town
coffee shop

This is where you can get all your fishing equipment 
shop front

From here we go on Station road
trees, gate

flowers, trees


trees and flowersgreen flowers and trees

Book a room at the hostel and have a few fishing lessons as well
the hostel, Oughterard

And we finish with these lovely pink hydrangeas I found at the car park 
flowers, pink

flowers, pink

Thanks for staying with me. See you soon

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Brigit's Garden

I 've wanted to make a post about Brigit's Garden for a long time now, the problem is I have so many photos from there it is so difficult to choose only a few!! 

Brigit's garden logo
Brigit's garden is a wonderful place just off N59 between Moycullen and Oughterard on the way to Clifden from Galway City. You can easily spend a few hours there strolling around and exploring the grounds. There is certainly plenty to see!! From cozy cottages and crafty flowerpots, plants planted in shoes to lily pad pools and beautiful places to relax and feel the power of nature and enjoy all the beauty that nature has in her but we often choose to ignore.

This is the place where we can remember our roots and come close to what we really are and feel the presence of our ancestors.
This is a little peace of heaven in the middle of our urban jungle where we can go and forget the stress and worry and just become one with nature.

I have to add that the photos here are from a couple of years ago. I am sure there are lovely changes since then.

Follow me into the beauty of Brigit's garden: 

image of the map of  Brigit's Garden  © Annie Japaud Photography

the entrance Brigit's Garden  © Annie Japaud Photography

view from the cafe Brigit's Garden  © Annie Japaud Photography

cafe images Brigit's Garden  © Annie Japaud Photography

plants growing in shoes at Brigit's Garden  © Annie Japaud Photography

birdhouse Brigit's Garden  © Annie Japaud Photography

sundial sign Brigit's Garden  © Annie Japaud Photography  the sundial Brigit's Garden  © Annie Japaud Photography

the sun dial Brigit's Garden  © Annie Japaud Photography

heather plants

collage, standing stones images at Brigit's Garden

Where to sit? Among the daisies or on the swigs?

bench in the middle of a field of daisies

wooden swing

bench in the flowers

daisies everywhere

water lilies

water lilies

water lilies

water lilies

path in the green,  among the flowers

blue flowers

lavender image

people sitting on the grounds of the garden

people sitting outside at the coffee shop

flower pots

There will be more posts about Brigit's Garden with more photos since I can't fit everything here ;-) 

Thanks for being with me

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